Is it the right time for me to come out?

Is this the right time for you to come out?  First ask yourself, do I know that I am lesbian, transgender or bi-sexual?  If you are still deciding, that’s fine.  If you never land on one thing, that’s fine too!  If you don’t know exactly how you identify, you may want to come out as questioning, which is the “Q” in LGBTQ.(Some also say the Q stands for “Queer.”)

Next ask yourself, am I safe?  Some countries have laws against homosexuality. Some states in the U.S. may still have sodomy laws that never got wiped off the books, but it’s not illegal here. Some families are abusive, or might kick you out of the house.  Ensure you have some place to go (a back up plan) if things don’t go as you would like.  Make sure you have some type of support if possible before coming out to family.  Is there any one you know who is gay or any type of gay or trans community where you live where you can make some connections and have conversations with others similar to you?

Can I support you by giving you a place to voice your story, your opinion?  Can I coach you as you’re deciding if this is the right time to come out and to whom?  Whether you think you are lesbian, bi or trans (f2m), I would like to offer you my support as you go through the coming out process.

Contact me for a free phone session:

I also offer in person (for those in NYC) and tele-support groups (for those in the U.S.)

Let’s talk!

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40-something lesbian life coach, living in Brooklyn.

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