Lesbian or Queer?

We’ve had discussions on the blog about what to call ourselves, which can be particularly daunting when you are first coming out. A label might not sound right to you or you may even have some negative stereotypes associated with it that you’re unaware of consciously. Below is a good post on the difference between using “Lesbian” or the more umbrella term of “Queer” as an identifier.

I like what one person said about the label “Queer” transcending stereotypes, which they felt as empowering. There can be much “to do” about identity politics, which some believe is just over-intellectualizing a non-hetero experience, when at the root of it all, it’s simply about who we are attracted to and who we love.

What are your thoughts about labels? Let us know what you think even if it’s “What’s the big deal?”


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40-something lesbian life coach, living in Brooklyn.

2 thoughts on “Lesbian or Queer?”

  1. I don’t know, I have a lot of difficulty with the word ‘lesbian’ and it has never felt right to me, I think I have only ever used it with my girlfriend who is so clear about who she is. I prefer gay, and when put to task I would lean towards queer, perhaps its because I am still not certain wether I am lesbian or just bisexual or a trans man in hiding. baaah… so many unknowns.


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