Switching Teams

I’ve met a lot of lesbians who were married to men for years and many had children. Most were even happily married at some point, but as time wore on, the relationship slowly eroded as a new identity began to emerge. It was lurking for most, with hints of infatuation in middle or high school. For a few it came a complete surprise, but there it was. It had become as plain as the ring on their finger, now more of shackle than a symbol of love.

If you are one of these women, emerging as a lesbian (or bisexual) later in life, you are not alone. I haven’t read this woman’s book, but if her story is one you can relate to, I share this with you in the hopes it will help you to know someone else who has gone through what you are.

Check out this book.

I know this isn’t easy. Stay strong my sister.


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40-something lesbian life coach, living in Brooklyn.

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